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How to improve your gut health in 4 Easy Steps:


1- Chew Your Food. Seriously. When you chew your food you not only are not sending down massive chunks that you ask your body to breakdown, you are allowing the enzymes in your saliva (yup we said saliva) to do their job. Reminder 1000018- our bodies are amazing. Trust them.


2- Celery Juice. Very different than green juice. Celery juice is cleansing, hydrating and detoxifies the intestinal tract. A detoxified gut is going to MOVE. things along much more quickly. It’s also going to keep out the invaders that can cause damage around our guts and compromise our digestion, immune system and more.


3- Hydrate. H2O is your friend. Not only will it help with your digestion but you’ll see it improve your skin and those pesky-under eye circles.


4- Not Always. Don’t drink water with your food. Refrain from having water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after eating. Why? See step number 1. Water dilutes the enzymes that are doing their job. That compromises digestion. Let your body do its’ job. We aren’t smarter than our bodies. It’s time we stop manipulating them (Aunt Debbie) and start understanding them- we see you MOVE.rs.


What happens when your gut health improves?

 Mood, sleep, digestion, skin and immune systems improve.

Acne, anxiety, overwhelm, bloat and dieting lessens.


Our MOVE.rs have shared that their relationships, jobs, confidence and more have transformed.

Still think it’s just about some green juices and smoothies?


It’s a life changing transformation.


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