4 Stress Reducing MOVE.s

Last week we asked what the community wants to see more of, and boy did we hear ya.

Stress Reduction. Got it.

Cue: 4 MOVE.s To Reduce Stress.

Before diving in, we want to remind you that it's not a realistic expectation to want to go through life stress-free. In fact, studies show that healthy amounts of stress are positive, they create growth. We find that allowing stress to be FEEDBACK for our needs and next steps in the key in transforming it from overwhelming to empowering. If you know us at all, we aren't trying to combat stress with white robes, vacations to escape or luxurious days at the spa. That's a bandaid. But we are all for caring for ourselves in ways that make those (fun) days a place for pleasure instead of escape.


 Here are our 4 MOVE.s to Manage Stress:

1- Awareness: Where is your energy going? Not in general. SPECIFICALLY, where is it going? Think of it like a bank account. Track all of your time, thought and attention. Write it out (we literally have our MOVE.rs fill it in a tank).


2- Alignment: What percentage of your energy is going towards your goals and values? What percentage isn’t? We teach this as alignment and it looks different for everyone. Sometimes, even though the world tells us to put energy in all the things, it’s truly aligned for us to NOT put energy in certain areas. In other circumstances, we are pouring energy into places that DON’T align with our goals.


3- Action: Once you have established the biggest areas needing attention (the biggest gaps) it’s time to take action. Too many people take action blindly without truly assessing what serves them well and WHY. Action…. it’s two-fold. Most people only focus on what things to ADD into their lives to meet their goals. We believe we have to get rid of shit we don’t need (to name a few: limiting beliefs, the word “should” , old habits/patterns, busy vs. productive).


4- Repeat: We are always changing and evolving, so this flow is continuous. The thing is, once you learn it, it’s a lot of fun and pretty darn empowering to constantly decide what serves you well… and what doesn’t. The weightlessness you will feel from clarity and alignment can truly make all the difference in your life.


We believe in this process so strongly that it’s the foundation of our 4-Phase Course. We integrate foods, workouts and mindset approaches into the 12-week MOVE. Method that reduces stress for our MOVE.rs… Phase 1: Awareness, Phase 2: Detox, Phase 3: Power, Phase 4: Sustain/Maintain.


Remember, we don't have to run from stress. But we do need to manage it in a way that serves us well and promotes growth. These steps, are sure to keep you MOVE.ing. 

And if you want to chat more about how this looks for you, take advantage of our free 20-minute discovery calls  HERE !



Let's make some MOVE.s!