PRESS RELEASE: 8 Years of Treating Symptoms With No Answer, 7 Weeks in MOVE.

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

For 8 years this Nurse worked with 4 Doctors with no success and in 7 Weeks finally found control of her health and hormones. 

As a nurse, diligent about her fitness and nutrition, Anna couldn’t understand why her body wasn’t working properly. Her doctor’s couldn’t either.


For over eight years she saw specialist after specialist. Frustrated by the lack of support and the generalized answer including “You are not trying to get pregnant so there is nothing to do now.  When you want to get pregnant, you will probably have to take medication to force your body to ovulate”


Anna knew there was more for her.


Restrictive eating patterns and constant stress led her to develop what was diagnosed as secondary amenorrhea so she was no longer ovulating and her hormones were far from predictable. This was exhausting, overwhelming and scary. 


In just seven weeks with MOVE.with Mooch&Mel, she holistically and naturally found a cure. No pills, forcing her body or shots required. Using the MOVE. Method, developed by co-founders Christina Muccio & Melissa Dlugolecki, Olivia integrated the mind-body-belly strategies and shifts, that empowered her to feel her best and positioned her body to function its’ best.


In her words, “Thank-you from the bottom of my heart and from every cell in my body for the program you both have made, for your dedication, and for your unique, personalized coaching! Thank-you for helping me heal my mind, body, belly, heart, and UTERUS!!!” 


Mooch & Mel have helped thousands of women, ranging from health coaches, nurses, new moms, moms to be, college students and women working multiple jobs just trying to get by, to completely transform their lives in just weeks. Their promise- not only does it work, but it’s all natural, non-restrictive and sustainable for even the busiest of women.

Anna shared that after seeing a sign that read “I feel better at the doctors” in her office...... she realized that “I feel better at MOVE. coaching calls!!”


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(This clients name has been changed to maintain requested confidentiality)


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