The Season of the Potato.

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2019
It’s been a summer of potatoes. So why not end on a strong note?
Baked Potato Skins 3 ways:
Bake halved white potatoes (or sweet!) at 425F with some avocado oil, salt and pepper until crispy (about 24 minutes #evennumbers) - scoop out ½ the potato when cooled. Save for other recipes!
Try out the following variations:
Patata Fiesta:
Chopped avocado, red onion, diced jalapeno, sliced tomatoes, cayenne pepper.
Funghi Me:
Roasted broccoli and mushrooms with garlic and cashew cheese (or your choice of cheese).
Red pepper, onion, olives, oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, chopped spinach.
Which potato MOVE. are you making?

Let's make some MOVE.s!