Are You Aligned?

Have you checked your alignment?

Translation: what you value with your words and seek to achieve in your goals vs. what you value with your energy; time, money, attention, thought, foods. Are they aligned?

Dr. John Demartini  is a world leader in human behavior. One of his studies concludes that 90% - YES 90% of humans are not aligned with their values and the way they expend their energy.

We aren’t sure if he was inspired by the Phase One Alignment Check we created in the MOVE. Method (happy to share, John!), but when we recently stumbled across his value alignment check we got all weak-kneed and giddy.

It’s a statics based approach to visualizing where you are putting your energy. Basically he takes your energy output and measures it out to see if you are aligned with what you believe you value. He’s helped millions of people, world-wide, figure out where their gaps are.

We spend a LOT of time with our on alignment. Because once we are aligned, there isn’t resistance in our progress, there isn’t something keeping us “stuck” there isn’t that feeling of forcing things that aren’t meant to be…. There’s just constant, fluid, MOVE.ment.

And that’s a hell of a lot of fun.



Let's make some MOVE.s!