Alignment Glow Up.

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2019

“I know I should probably stop wasting my money on stupid things and start putting it towards things that matter and will make me feel better.

 We disagreed.

 The way we see it, there are two options: 

 Either stop complaining,wanting, talking about change and continue spending your time, money, attention etc. on the things that you currently do


 Shift the way you spend your time, money and attention etc. to be in alignment with what you say you want.

 There’s no right or wrong.

Just alignment.

Words - Actions.

 When we aren’t in alignment we feel stressed, anxious, on edge and self-conscious.

When we are in alignment, it doesn’t matter if we are spending our energy on comics, donuts, smoothies, self-growth, travel, whatever.

 When truly aligned, we have a lightness, a glow, a confidence and a heck of a lot of fun.

 And of course, if she was in our program, she would be learning how to remove the word “should” from her vocabulary.


 What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever spent money on?

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