Back to School Blues?

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

Traffic is up and Temps are down.


It’s back to school.


Which means new routines.




Anyone else struggle with change?


We used to, too.


Here’s the thing, when you learn to create your own “routine” for your energy, when you are fully in control of how you feel and when you don’t leave it up to the summer season, school year,  holiday season or any other external circumstance, you MOVE. from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat.


We watch our do this and it makes our hearts smile.


Changes in routine no longer affect their health, happiness or successes.


Traffic? It’s just an opportunity to build some patience, listen to a podcast or soak in some quiet time.

Temps? We still haven’t figured out how to reconcile with these.


Progress, not Perfection.


Comment a 🚌 if you are all about being in the drivers seat!



Let's make some MOVE.s!