Uncategorized Oct 21, 2019

We get a lot of questions on Building The Booty.


Did you know your glutes are one of the strongest and most underutilized muscles? Most people don’t even use their glutes for squats. Don't worry, this Monday MOVE.s we got you. 


Try these 4 steps to effectively activate your booty while weight training. 


1- Open up your hip flexors. These little SOB’s can tighten from most things we do in our everyday lives (sitting at a desk, commuting, running, riding bikes). Prior to your workout, try a static lunge stretch (and squeeze your cheeks!) to stretch out your hips. 


2- Learn the pelvic tilt. If you want to Build the Booty, you’ve got to learn body awareness. The pelvis tilt, when used, will allow you to actively engage your glutes rather than putting pressure on your lower back. 


3- The Holy Grail. The Glute Bridge. Give a few warm up rounds prior to your workout. This will allow you to draw attention to the muscles you intend to work. It also allows you to warm up the muscle you want to do most of the heavy lift. 


4- Kneeling banded hip thrust. Similar to your glute bridge, now you;re upright allowing your body to work on the same muscle at a new angle. 


Time to apply. Take these 4 steps with you to your next Monday MOVE. session and notice the changes you can make bringing awareness to ya booty. 


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