Breakup with your Dermatologist.

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2019

This Woman Suffered From Chronic Acne For Years And Fixed It (Medication Free) In  Weeks

She used zero pills.

Zero creams.

And now wears zero makeup.


But it wasn’t always like that. 


Just weeks prior to this incredible breakthrough Ashley was in tears over her breakouts.


She was exhausted from feeling self-conscious around others, wondering if they were staring at her skin. She skipped workouts with friends, avoiding meeting people in public and relied on her dermatologist, esthetician and cosmetologist to help her treat her skin.


Apologizing to the women on a call with her she said “I am so embarrassed to be crying over this (her skin) but it’s been so incredibly hard.” 


Her coaches heard her.

And helped.


They (Mooch and Mel) began by focusing on her gut health, where the root of her problem was, rather than her symptoms, which is where they surfaced. Mooch and Mel said that too many women are mislead to think they need to focus on the breakout. 


The breakthrough is letting go of the breakout.


And focusing on where the problem begins. 


In the gut.


That changed everything.




Ashley is smiling ear to ear.

She said she is more confident at work and doesn’t even wear makeup..

She no longer is cancelling plans to workout or meet her friends.

What did she cancel?

Her dermatology appointments.


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