Why We Don't Believe in Failure.

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

We don’t believe in failures.
Feedback > failures.

Every behavior- it’s asserting a need.

If the way a behavior manifests doesn’t serve you well… cue: regret, guilt, shame, worry, fear, retreat…. It’s feedback that you have a REAL need, but the route you took to meet it, doesn’t align with who you are or what you want.

Sometimes we let the need speak so loudly, we pursue it at the most accessible (and not typically the most productive) path.

The need is real- if we don’t listen to it, it’s going to keep presenting…. over… and over…. and over. The path is flexible. If one didn’t work so well to meet our need, we get to be in the driver’s seat to pick another.


The hardest part? We beat the heck out of ourselves when a “mistake” or “failure” presents that we can’t hear the learning. It takes a lot of courage and strength to out-muscle the regret, guilt, shame, worry etc. that can feel like it’s screaming out loud.


But that’s where the magic happens.
When we have the courage to listen.


To the feedback of our detours, mistakes, (said) failures…. when we listen really closely, and choose to make space for the need and to release the path. THAT is when we make life-changing MOVE.s.


We believe so much in this, that it’s integrated into our 12-week course- helping women become more clear on their needs and more aligned in their paths.


Who else has learned from “failures?” Let us know!







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