Guac to make your heart MOVE.

Never Miss ATuesday. Taco Tuesday, that is.

We are sharing of our favorite guac recipe inspired by our favorite tacos (s/o Stacey!)

Heart Guac:

4 avocados, smashed.
1 jalapeno diced.
The juice of 1-1.5 limes.
1 full tomato, diced.
1 red onion, diced.
Himalayan sea salt.
Cracked black pepper.
Skip the cilantro- Load up on cayenne pepper.
Chopped seared shrimp.
Diced grilled mushrooms.
Sprinkle of Matcha. Lol. Kidding. Wait, are we?


You probably know we met over (infamous) puke (hey Timmy!), but did you know that we bonded over a shared love for Cinco De Mayo? How are you celebrating the holiday? Our plans are to load up on green drinks than this green dip... and toast to a year of incredible MOVE.s.




Let's make some MOVE.s!