Ditch That Hamster Wheel (for good).

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

Yep, we’re talkin’ to you. We see you. (screens count)


Frustration rising from feeling stuck on that hamster wheel: working out and micromanaging your diet, working out and micromanaging your diet…. Not getting anywhere. You’ve counted and measured, restricted and have tried all the latest fads - but those 2019 goals are still waiting to be checked.


Your anxiety spikes thinking about upcoming parties and events. How can you possibly stay “on track” through them? So instead, it’s easier to say “I’ll wait until after the vacation/weekend/ holidays” because trying to “be good” is just too hard and stressful right now. So why bother? To ease the angst of not staying “on track” you desperately search for “healthy” versions of your favorite foods or grab a new pair of extra stretchy leggings. Fake it till you make it, right?




Truth- if you keep waiting for the ideal time to make change, you’re going to keep spending your time on that hamster wheel, Becky.


Here is some #MOVE.approved advice that’s tested, tried and true:


When we stop attaching ourselves to extreme “tracks” of counting and over working out, we can find ways to put structure in when there is seemingly none. When we understand digestion and gut health, football parties aren’t so intimidating. When we learn how to manage our mind, body and belly cohesively and efficiently, we can always feel our best. Trust us, our MOVE.rs have figured it out.


Those thoughts of “it’s not the right time” (please let us know what “the right time” even looks like, Becky) or “it’s just too expensive” (then spends hundreds on the foods and drinks credited for being off track), those thoughts….  are the minds way of keeping us in our comfort zones.


MOVE.rs don’t listen.


Comfort zones hold people prisoner to feeling their best depending on travel, holidays, stress and more.

 It’s time to stop going through life dancing around circumstance to feel confident, clear and happy. It’s time to create our own personalized “on track” that doesn’t derail. Let us help you create it.


MOVE. over to our Fb/Insta page and comment🐭 if you ditched the hamster wheel and 🔥 if you are determined to.



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