Hats Off.

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

We recently shared a list of detoxifying mindset MOVE.s to make to have more energy, clarity and hell, just to be happier.


One of the ones we see people struggle with the most is “it will get better when” so for today’s Words of Wisdom we are tossing on our coaching hats 🧢 (are they ever really off?) and offering you a shift in this phrase that can keep us so stuck.


It will get better when- those words leave us powerless to circumstance.

We aren’t powerless.


When you find yourself thinking or saying it, replace it with getting super curious and asking yourself- what small step can I take TODAY to make it better?


Watch those steps add up.


Life doesn’t magically change for us- but when we take action, we can create magic.


Don’t wait for the right time. Create the right time.


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