PRESS RELEASE: How This Bride-To-Be Gave Up Dieting To Feel Her Most Confident In Her Dress.

Wedding planners, and the diet industry, all know that brides-to-be want their wedding day to be perfect.


And that means feeling perfect in their wedding dresses.


Unlike most engaged women, this MOVE.r ditched dieting to feel, and look, strong, fit and confident. A former athlete who was committed to her workouts and intentional about eating healthy foods, Emma didn’t know why she was still feeling bloated, foggy and not getting the results she was working for.


Then she joined MOVE. with Mooch&Mel.


In her words, “I saw this dress on the rack and said - I’m not sure I can pull that off but I love it. My friend made me try it anyway. ... I nearly cried in it...but standing in that dress in that moment I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin and never looked at myself in the mirror and said I was so strong and beautiful…. I’m so so thankful for that leap to trust you.”


It was the combination of mindset work, HIIT workouts (and for all those curious, LESS cardio, MORE strength training), nutrition and gut health, and the cheerleading from her MOVE. teammates that yielded the success she was longing to find for years. 

*Disclosure: this isn’t the dress she chose!*

Mooch and Mel are two former athletes who help women ditch dieting, bloat and brain fog through a holistic mind, body and belly approach focused on optimizing digestion through a focus on gut health.


Their have gotten promotions, new jobs, started successful businesses, lost weight, gotten personal records in 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons and marathons…. And in this case, slipped in a wedding dress with confidence, pride and tears of joy.


Want to learn more about how their program and transform your life? Visit their website or email them at [email protected] 


Let's make some MOVE.s!