How To Go From Goal Setting to Goal Getting

Uncategorized May 22, 2019

The biggest mistake in setting goals?


You’ve asked us a lot about goal setting (we prefer goal getting but w/e) lately, and we f*ckin love it.


We want each and every human on this planet to pursue THEIR goals. The things that make them come alive and feel their best. The things that bring meaning. The things that make this one amazing life meaningful, purposeful and fun.


But not everyone does.


What stops them?


We don’t believe it’s a lack of drive or will.


We don’t think it’s laziness.


We believe… it’s a lack of alignment.


Not being clear on WHY they are pursuing what they are pursuing.


Too many people pursue a fitness endeavor, a career or even a relationship because they think they “should”. Too often goals come from trying to prove something to everyone else, keep up with the Jones’s (can we meet these said Jones’s?) or pursue something because “then things will get better.” Truth… it’s the opposite.


We have to feel better before we pursue our goals


In order to feel better, we have to become better feelers.


We have to set goals and get after them not because we are proving to the Jones’s that we CAN but because we are reminding ourselves of our own power.


We are all for goal setting.

But first, alignment.


It’s not a coincidence that Phase 1 of the MOVE. Method covers alignment and Phase 3 Goal Setting. In Phase 2? We let go of giving a F*ck about what the Jones’s think or who told us we weren’t capable enough to do something.


Want a worksheet to help you set goals that are CLEAR and ALIGNED? Send us an email @ [email protected]. Can't wait to get you goal getting!!! 


Let's make some MOVE.s!