MOVE. Away From The Juice Cleanse

I loveeee juice. Yesterday I had 48 ounces of cold-pressed greens. My love affair with gut health began with my very first juice cleanse. Since then, studying gut health has been a game-changer and shifted my health, mindset and functioning.


Since I pretty much always have a green drink within reach, I am not surprised when people question my recommendation NOT to juice cleanse.


Let me clarify- it’s not about the juice. It’s about the energy behind the juice. Whether foods, drinks, clothing, social media and just about everything else; I am not concerned with the what, I focus on the why.


WHY are you doing a cleanse?


Most commonly: a quick fix to feel less bloated, to look good in dress/bathing suit or feeling regretful for crap eaten on vacation.


So what does this look like on an energetic scale: fear, shame, guilt, desperation, anxiety. We call these low vibes.


Cleanses are intended to flood it with vitamins and minerals, to give your digestive system a break, to clean you out a bit. They aren’t meant to be a way of depriving ourselves after over-indulging to get a quick improvement in our waistline.


Our bodies are amazing. We literally make humans. We can handle digestion. Once we stop over-complicating things, we can stop needing solutions to un-complicate them. We need to look at digestion differently.


We need to stop yo-yoing. (it’s a word)


Mooch and I believe so strongly in this, that in our courses, we do not count anything. Personally, we don’t even own scales anymore, either. We want others to value their worth for more than a number, their workouts for more than fat burned and their food for more than points or calories. We also don’t label foods as “good” or “bad”. We look at the value of foods, the energy behind them and how they serve us.


Not understanding value is what has so many thinking 200 calories of Halo Top is the same as 200 calories of banana with almond butter. Or worse… that Halo Top is a “healthier” choice since it’s lower fat (sigh). Truth: Bananas heal your gut. Almonds are a healthy fat and a good source of protein. If you want the ice cream, have the ice cream. But recognize that it’s loaded with sugar and gums and “natural flavors” that don’t do your gut any favors. Know the value in that choice is pleasure, and yes, that’s important to hold space for, too. But don’t kid yourself thinking Halo Top is a healthy option.


If you want to heal your gut, we are 100% behind that. In fact, we will even teach you how to do it. And in doing so, most likely, juice cleanses are NOT the means of improving gut health. Binging and then hiding in a cleanse, is not only going to hurt your gut, it hurts mindset.


If you have integrated less invasive avenues of gut healing and are ready to go deeper, cleanse away. Integrate raw foods before and after and choose your juices specifically for your cleansing goals and the needs of your gut. But otherwise, we recommend that you step away from the cleanse. Trust yourself more than you trust the reassurance of a seemingly quick fix. Start small, find consistency and get off the roller coaster…. it’s worth it.




Let's make some MOVE.s!