Mindset Matters.

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2019

For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, let’s think about the way you think.

 You want to have more energy, clarity, confidence and better relationships? 

 It’s time to eliminate the following phrases from your life.


 - Should/Have to.

- It will get better when.

- Must be nice.

- At least / But.

- Don't forget.

- Why is this happening to me. 

- Gossip/Disaster stories.

- Everyone / Always.

- Complaints.

- Good/Bad.

- Regret/Guilt/Shame.

- Assumptions.

- I don't have time / I can't.

Our MOVE.rs are literally all shocked at the ways they feel more energized from their mindset shifts.

Mind-Body-Belly they all have to MOVE. together.

Phase 2 we detox our MOVE.rs of these limiting energy sucking thought patterns.

Phase 3 we teach them how to replace them with an empowering mindset.

Want to learn the replacing phases for these word choices?

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Let's make some MOVE.s!