MOVE. Approved (or not)

Have you seen our #FridayFuel posts on Instagram?

You all know we loveeeeee ourselves some IG!

Well, if you haven't, each week we search for all sorts of meals and snacks proclaiming to be healthy (some specifically claim to be gut health... sigh) and we give it the "yay" or "nay" on the #moveapproved stamp.

Not surprisingly, they generate a TON of questions. So we figured we would share some of the guidelines that go into making the cut.

  • Fat-free, sugar-free, highly processed (cue: gut damaging foods) are a no.
  • No counting, measuring or weighing our food. We are adults.
  • Proper food combining for optimal digestion, major yes.
  • Healing foods are a yes.
  • Prioritizing the nutrition and actual  benefits of food over the wrapper, yup.
  • Fitting 5 different food groups into a cafeteria tray or tupperware…. Heck no.


We’ll be honest, we both struggled with the counting, the pressures, the fat-free (cheese, ice-cream, butter, bread, pretzels and everything else). We used to think we had to burn off our food, too. We don’t blame ourselves and we completely get how billion dollar companies have taught us to think this way.

We are here to tell you, your food is not evil. You don’t have to measure it, fear it or do complicated math with it. We are cheering you on because we know you can feel your very best when you shift your understanding of food and the way our bodies work.

Have you been seeing our "moveapproved" meals/snacks every Friday on IG? We love chatting about it...clearly!

Wanna learn more? Schedule a call HERE and we will send you our very own food combining pdf on it.



Let's make some MOVE.s!