Uncategorized Aug 31, 2019

I joined when it was the absolute worst time and it turns out it was exactly the perfect time."

 One of our MOVE.rs shared this feedback on a call recently.

 We just want to remind you that it’s never the right time.

 When Mel was completely uncertain on her career path/financial future and in a lot of hospital and college debt she ran her credit card to invest (massively) in herself. Fingers crossed and eyes closed.

 Mooch was contemplating a cross-country move and leaving a comfy (unsatisfying) job while simultaneously unsure if this new “career” move would be enough to pay for Boston rent. 

 When people tell us that “it’s not the right time” we totally get it.

And we also know, those times….  the ones when nothing feels secure, there are a million unknowns and you feel a little crazy for trusting yourself enough to take on one more thing.

THOSE times.

Are the life changing times.

 What’s a crazy time in your life that you made a MOVE.?



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