Our secret about lululemon

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

We used to refuse to buy lululemon sports bras.


Way too expensive.




Who pays THAT much for a sports bra, we thought?


Must be nice, we muttered. Sigh (don't even get us started on "must be nice").


Uncomfortable workouts, chaffed boobs, sometimes wearing two sports bras at once (maybe just Mel… yep definitely just Mel) and buying 78 new ones when they just kept wearing out, we put our egos aside and stopped kidding ourselves. We could spend $18 on a spicy marg but were shorting ourselves on something we CLAIMED to value.


Cheap investments get cheap results.

Short term commitment brings short terms results.

Quick fixes offer quickly fading results.


Value… way different than a the $$ on a price tag.


Trust us, we totally get it when people are apprehensive in investing in their 12-week transformation.


But we also know they are either not REALLY looking for change or they aren’t acting in alignment with their goals. Cue: margs, handbags, juice cleanses or whatever else it may be.


Call us the lululemon of programs, but we don’t blink when people push back on investment because we know the VALUE is there.


Personal Training.

Life Coaching.

Gut Health Education.



Basically lululemon and amazon just had a baby named MOVE. because our program brings unmatched value, one-stop shopping, the convenience of accessing it from your home (we see you, Aussie and Colombian MOVE.rs!)


So we guess the question isn’t whether or not you want something, it’s about how much you TRULY value it. Think about it.


Let's make some MOVE.s!