Same. Same. But Different.

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2019

Do you even know them?

6 fun facts about Mooch&Mel.


1- Their foods are actually different. They may look the same, but from their matchas, to their smoothies, gnocchi and sometimes even tacos… there are subtle differences between them based on what works best for each of them..


2- Mooch&Mel said “MOVE.” at the same time when deciding what to name the business.


3- They have totally different strengths but the same vision and values. This makes them a power house duo. It also allows them to best serve people because they get both of their #zonesofgenius with a unified commitment to growth and progress.


4- They have paid MOVE. staff, charities and coaches more than they have paid themselves. By choice. Being ABLE to pay themselves more and choosing to INVEST in what will most significantly uplevel MOVE.- two different things. One reason for such success.


5- They can tell their jean jackets apart based on what’s in the pockets.


6- They aren’t ones for black and white thinking. But they are for black and white wearing. While they both love black workout clothes- the color scheme goes beyond sweat sessions. Have you noticed who tends to wear black and who tends to wear white more?


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