Stuck AF?

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019

The biggest mistake we see?

 Not taking that step because you are waiting for certainty of results.

 Not signing up for a race unless you know you will place, well.

Not going for a promotion or asking for time off for fear of what might go wrong.

Not investing in yourself unless you know exactly what the ROI will be.

 We call this (perfection paralysis or over-attached to outcome ) 

 What does it do?

 Keeps us stuck AF.

 And kidding ourselves we are better off in our comfort zone.

 We believe in you all so damn much. In your worth, your abilities, your possibilities.

We want you to believe in you, too.

 A favorite Words of Wisdom mindset switch? Instead of leading with what might go wrong, start leading with curiosity about what could go right. Then value yourself enough to go for it and love yourself for embarking on the process (whatever the specific process may be) to meet your goals.

 The ironic part? When you focus on the process and keep showing up, growth WILL come. And 9 times out of 10, that outcome you were so attached to? It will show up, too. If it’s meant to.

  Loosen your grip on the perfect time and open your heart to now as the time.

 And for those of you still standing on the diving board wanting to walk away? Scope out our MOVE. Method Money Back Guarantee in our PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL transformation courses. 

 Consider it your floaties until you see just how beautifully you really can swim.




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