MOVE. Away from the Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries, Anyone?

We are so over them.


They are kind of a mix of buyer’s remorse from #weekending (it’s a thing) combined with angst of returning to work, routine and maybe it’s all topped with the pressure of getting “back on track.” Meaning eating all the salads, doing all the workouts and vowing to never eat Chinese food at 2am, again.


No wonder you are scared.
Reality Check: We’re human. We are social beings. Chinese food is delicious.


When you restrict your body of certain things and build your mentality around “on and off track” you set yourself up for binging… it’s like once you start you feel like you “ruined everything” so mine as well keep on going on this path of ruin.


 Not only does this mess with your body, it messes with your belly, damages your gut and certainly your mind.


Our MOVE. Method teaches how to abandon the track through mind, body and belly coaching. To let go of guilt and remorse. To understand digestion, gut health, the value of food and how it fuels your body. To teach you to workout smarter and harder, not longer. To use your thoughts, words and actions efficiently and in alignment with your goals. To eat the damn cookie (or Chinese food).


And to never again say, “I’ll start Monday.”


Peace out Sunday Scaries.





Let's make some MOVE.s!