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We have been working away with @mindbodyboston sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day tips.


Here are four things you will be thankful to forget this Thanksgiving:




1. Earning your food isn’t a thing.


We’re all for a Turkey Day trot, but when people hit the streets to sweat so they can “earn” their food, we cringe. Food brings a different value. Sometimes it’s to fuel, sometimes to recover; sometimes it’s to nourish, and other times it’s just to enjoy. Focus on the value of your food at any given moment and forget the idea that you have to do tricks for treats.




2. Turkey doesn’t make you sleepy.


When teaching about food combinations and energy related to digestion, we use Thanksgiving as the prime example. Turkey isn’t what makes you want to curl up into a ball on the couch for three days (with a slice of pie within reach, of course). The fatigue stems from the energy your body is employing to digest and break down intricate food combinations and large quantities of food. Digestion is an energy source. When we have to use massive amounts of energy to break down our food, that’s when we become sleepy.




3. You don’t have to start on Monday.


You don’t have to earn your food, nor do you have to “make up” for eating it. That kind of thinking can cause you to consume almost twice as much food on the holidays, which hurts your digestive system more significantly. Please do not turn to deprivation, juice cleanses, or extreme dieting to undo the holiday. Not only is that worse for your body, but it’s even worse for your mind. There is nothing wrong with choosing to enjoy your favorite foods and flavors.




4. Your value is not on your plate.


If your favorite foods happen to be greener, healthier versions of traditional dishes, or simple meals lacking in decadence, that’s fine, too. When someone takes it personally that you won’t eat the same things as them, remember that you aren’t responsible for anyone’s health and happiness but your own. The bottom line: your value is not on your plate. And you don’t need to prove your value by filling, or not filling, your plate with certain foods.


Remember, the best part of the holiday season is the connections you make. Make eye contact, listen to others, and tell people you love them. Be present, be grateful, and know that food is a way to connect and celebrate no matter its form.




Change your thinking to toss the trepidations, and truly enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!




Which one are you going to use tomorrow?



Stay grateful!





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