How this 30-Something Broke Free of Fad Diets & Exercise

Count this. Eat that. Don't eat this.
Sugar free, fat free, guilt free, gluten free.... macros, carbs, protein...
the list goes on and it's freaking exhausting.

This 30-something-year-old was SURROUNDED by it.
And EXHAUSTED by it.

She was scared as hell, unsure of it would work and said one thing changed her life, forever.

Choosing to make the scary investment in herself and make a MOVE.

In her words: 

"One month into the program I realized I was starting to gain the tools to fuel myself- not starve myself. I wasn't making my choices based on calories- but ingredients. By the second month I threw away my scale (good riddance)...... I realized I was working out for pleasure- not to burn something off. Most importantly I was finally getting to know myself- what I really enjoyed and valued. How I could push myself in healthy ways. I was having better conversations- better relationships with others and myself. 

MOVE. Is a part of me now. The community, the tools it has given me, the mindset exercises... it's my everyday. And I feel so lucky to be able to say that- for choosing me and signing up. But if I'm being honest the biggest transformation is the one that happened inside of me. The changing of the way I think about myself and the acceptance of my body and what it needs. The voice I use with myself these days is more supportive and aligned and because of that I'll be in MOVE. till I get kicked out! (That can't happen right?!?! 😂). LFM."


If you are over the non-stop media frenzy telling you what you can and can't eat, and want to do your own #adulting, contact us to talk about what the right MOVE. is for you. We accept a small group each month and offer them massive transformation.

Ditch the Diets, for Good.


Mooch & Mel are the co-founders of MOVE. with Mooch&Mel and help women transition from trapped and suffocated from diet and exercise exhaustion to empowered and free in their routines and choices. They have helped hundreds of women deal with a variety of challenges including amenorrhea, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, acne, anxiety, bloat, weight gain and even getting PR's in their next race. You can schedule a free consult call with Mooch&Mel HERE . 




Let's make some MOVE.s!