Trust your Gut.

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2019

For today’s Friday Fuel we are letting you consider how your fuel works for you.


How do you know?


No it’s not a number on the scale, it’s the response of your belly (and body).



3 Tips for Assessing Your Gut Health:  


  1. Bloat. We are not meant to be bloated and gassy. When this happens, your body is telling you that something didn’t digest correctly. Pro Tip: It doesn’t always mean what you JUST ate… it could be something that was still working its’ way through your system and was pushed along by a recent meal. 
  2. Brain Fog & Exhaustion. 4pm crashes, “fuzzy” feeling. Digestion create and consumes energy. If we aren’t digesting effectively, we aren’t creating enough energy it’s consuming too much. We’re using more energy breaking down the foods we eat than using it on the things we love to do. 
  3. Acne & Frequent Illness. Frequent breakouts, particular cystic acne as well as frequent illness are signs of a weak gut. 


Trust us, that does not need to be your normal. There are (safe!) ways that aren’t restrictive (no more counting- just eat the cookie) but what you don’t want to do is try the same thing over and over hoping for different results (that's insanity) or fall for the fad diet and instant results trap.


Curious to learn more about gut health? Make the short trip over to our Fb page or Insta and DM us “guts” for a copy of our free gut health PDF.




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