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Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019

Last week’s Wednesday Wisdom we talked about the power of investing in us and not everyone else.

 BUT- the biggest mistake we see?

 Wanting a discounted investment and high end results.

 Whether it’s your relationship, your studies, your career or your workouts- we all know, when we invest a discount rate, we get discount results.

 The same holds true for ourselves.

 If you want to invest a discounted amount of energy, expect a discounted ROI. When you are ready to really make the scary leap and trust yourself enough to invest in YOU, expect a freaking amazing ROI.

 We are talking clarity, confidence and a chaos-free, way of living.

 We are talking diet free, track-free and guilt-free.

 Living life in a way that is exciting and empowering.

 No longer fearing foods, changes in routine or obsessively counting.

 Now that’s VALUE.


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Peace, Love and Healthy Guts,

Mooch and Mel


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