Hats Off.

Aug 14, 2019

We recently shared a list of detoxifying mindset MOVE.s to make to have more energy, clarity and hell, just to be happier.


One of the ones we see people struggle with the most is “it will get better when” so for today’s Words of Wisdom we are tossing on our coaching hats  (are they ever really off?) and offering you a shift in this phrase that can keep us so stuck.


It will get better when- those words leave us powerless to circumstance.

We aren’t powerless.


When you find yourself thinking or saying it, replace it with getting super curious and asking yourself- what small step can I take TODAY to make it better?


Watch those steps add up.


Life doesn’t magically change for us- but when we take action, we can create magic.


Don’t wait for the right time. Create the right time.


MOVE. over to our fb group and comment  if you agree.





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Easy as Pie.

Aug 09, 2019

For today's fun fuel we are sharing a favorite dessert recipe inspired by NamaSTRONG and Energize smoothie bowls. 


Healthy “ice cream” Pie. 



1.5 c of almond butter 

4.5 overripe bananas 

1tbsp and a dash of vanilla 

tsp of himalayan sea salt 

cup of coconut oil

1 tsp of cinnamon 

3 tbsp maca 

 Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until creamy. 



1.5 cups of raw almonds

1 cup of dates

tsp of salt 

3 tbsp cocoa powder 

 Blend all ingredients in a food processor until well combined- press into pie dish to form crust.

 Once crust is set, add in the filling. Top with hemp seeds, cacao nibs and a sprinkle of himalayan sea salt and cinnamon. 

 Put in freezer and take out a few minutes before enjoying.


 Who is trying this before summer ends? 



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PRESS RELEASE: How This Bride-To-Be Gave Up Dieting To Feel Her Most Confident In Her Dress.

Aug 07, 2019

Wedding planners, and the diet industry, all know that brides-to-be want their wedding day to be perfect.


And that means feeling perfect in their wedding dresses.


Unlike most engaged women, this MOVE.r ditched dieting to feel, and look, strong, fit and confident. A former athlete who was committed to her workouts and intentional about eating healthy foods, Emma didn’t know why she was still feeling bloated, foggy and not getting the results she was working for.


Then she joined MOVE. with Mooch&Mel.


In her words, “I saw this dress on the rack and said - I’m not sure I can pull that off but I love it. My friend made me try it anyway. ... I nearly cried in it...but standing in that dress in that moment I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin and never looked at myself in the mirror and said I was so strong and beautiful…. I’m so so thankful for that leap to trust you.”


It was the combination of...

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Boss MOVE.s

Aug 06, 2019

When you feel your best, you can give your best.

 This is why our MOVE.rs have found that not only did they lose a bit of bloat and ditch the brain fog- they are happier in their relationships, their family members notice changes, they are more productive at work, more present at parenting and getting PR after PR.

 So naturally we decided it’s time to apply the MOVE. Method to the next level.

 Entrepreneur MOVE.s

 When your business depends on your functioning optimally, it’s kind of a no brainer to learn to function optimally.

 Combined with organic marketing strategies, branding, scaling and all the legalities and logistics of being a CEO, we’ve got ourselves a MOVE.ment. A business MOVE.ment.


Everyone asks “how we did it” and in truth it’s three parts:

1- learning the ins and outs of business

2- mastering how to optimize our energy 

3- being aligned in our personal and professional brand and pursuits


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Trust your Gut.

Aug 02, 2019

For today’s Friday Fuel we are letting you consider how your fuel works for you.


How do you know?


No it’s not a number on the scale, it’s the response of your belly (and body).



3 Tips for Assessing Your Gut Health:  


  1. Bloat. We are not meant to be bloated and gassy. When this happens, your body is telling you that something didn’t digest correctly. Pro Tip: It doesn’t always mean what you JUST ate… it could be something that was still working its’ way through your system and was pushed along by a recent meal. 
  2. Brain Fog & Exhaustion. 4pm crashes, “fuzzy” feeling. Digestion create and consumes energy. If we aren’t digesting effectively, we aren’t creating enough energy it’s consuming too much. We’re using more energy breaking down the foods we eat than using it on the things we love to do. 
  3. Acne & Frequent Illness. Frequent breakouts, particular...
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Mindset Matters.

Jul 31, 2019

For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, let’s think about the way you think.

 You want to have more energy, clarity, confidence and better relationships? 

 It’s time to eliminate the following phrases from your life.


 - Should/Have to.

- It will get better when.

- Must be nice.

- At least / But.

- Don't forget.

- Why is this happening to me. 

- Gossip/Disaster stories.

- Everyone / Always.

- Complaints.

- Good/Bad.

- Regret/Guilt/Shame.

- Assumptions.

- I don't have time / I can't.

Our MOVE.rs are literally all shocked at the ways they feel more energized from their mindset shifts.

Mind-Body-Belly they all have to MOVE. together.

Phase 2 we detox our MOVE.rs of these limiting energy sucking thought patterns.

Phase 3 we teach them how to replace them with an empowering mindset.

Want to learn the replacing phases for these word choices?

Join our Facebook group for a free guide to eliminating more of this BS.



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Jul 29, 2019

Is it just us or is summer in sprint mode?


Set up four rocks/sticks/shells whatever you have on the beach/mountain/lakeside set up about 20 walking feet apart


5 shuttle runs (down back to shell 1, down back to shell 2...3...4...etc)

50 squats 

4 shuttle runs

40 walking lunges

3 shuttle runs

30 crunches

2 shuttle runs

20 pushups

1 full sprint to shell 5

10 burpees 


Where are you MOVE.ing from today?!

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Matcha Made in Heaven.

Jul 26, 2019

Ready for some MOVE Fuel?


We love matcha.

We love smoothies.

We REALLY love matcha smoothies.



1 banana 

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of spinach

1 tbl of almond butter

1 serving (or 4) of matcha

1 serving of maca

A dash of maple syrup

Handful of ice 


Blend together and enjoy.


Disclaimer: we recommend ceasing matcha intake a few hours prior to bed. Our cutoff time 4:14pm. 4:54 if we are feeling cray-cray. 

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Value > Discount

Jul 24, 2019

Last week’s Wednesday Wisdom we talked about the power of investing in us and not everyone else.

 BUT- the biggest mistake we see?

 Wanting a discounted investment and high end results.

 Whether it’s your relationship, your studies, your career or your workouts- we all know, when we invest a discount rate, we get discount results.

 The same holds true for ourselves.

 If you want to invest a discounted amount of energy, expect a discounted ROI. When you are ready to really make the scary leap and trust yourself enough to invest in YOU, expect a freaking amazing ROI.

 We are talking clarity, confidence and a chaos-free, way of living.

 We are talking diet free, track-free and guilt-free.

 Living life in a way that is exciting and empowering.

 No longer fearing foods, changes in routine or obsessively counting.

 Now that’s VALUE.


 Check out today’s IGTV to hear more.


Peace, Love and Healthy...

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PRESS RELEASE: 8 Years of Treating Symptoms With No Answer, 7 Weeks in MOVE.

Jul 22, 2019

For 8 years this Nurse worked with 4 Doctors with no success and in 7 Weeks finally found control of her health and hormones. 

As a nurse, diligent about her fitness and nutrition, Anna couldn’t understand why her body wasn’t working properly. Her doctor’s couldn’t either.


For over eight years she saw specialist after specialist. Frustrated by the lack of support and the generalized answer including “You are not trying to get pregnant so there is nothing to do now.  When you want to get pregnant, you will probably have to take medication to force your body to ovulate”


Anna knew there was more for her.


Restrictive eating patterns and constant stress led her to develop what was diagnosed as secondary amenorrhea so she was no longer ovulating and her hormones were far from predictable. This was exhausting, overwhelming and scary. 


In just seven weeks with MOVE.with Mooch&Mel, she holistically and...

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