Mindset Matters.

Jul 31, 2019

For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, let’s think about the way you think.

 You want to have more energy, clarity, confidence and better relationships? 

 It’s time to eliminate the following phrases from your life.


 - Should/Have to.

- It will get better when.

- Must be nice.

- At least / But.

- Don't forget.

- Why is this happening to me. 

- Gossip/Disaster stories.

- Everyone / Always.

- Complaints.

- Good/Bad.

- Regret/Guilt/Shame.

- Assumptions.

- I don't have time / I can't.

Our MOVE.rs are literally all shocked at the ways they feel more energized from their mindset shifts.

Mind-Body-Belly they all have to MOVE. together.

Phase 2 we detox our MOVE.rs of these limiting energy sucking thought patterns.

Phase 3 we teach them how to replace them with an empowering mindset.

Want to learn the replacing phases for these word choices?

Join our Facebook group for a free guide to eliminating more of this BS.



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Jul 29, 2019

Is it just us or is summer in sprint mode?


Set up four rocks/sticks/shells whatever you have on the beach/mountain/lakeside set up about 20 walking feet apart


5 shuttle runs (down back to shell 1, down back to shell 2...3...4...etc)

50 squats 

4 shuttle runs

40 walking lunges

3 shuttle runs

30 crunches

2 shuttle runs

20 pushups

1 full sprint to shell 5

10 burpees 


Where are you MOVE.ing from today?!

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Matcha Made in Heaven.

Jul 26, 2019

Ready for some MOVE Fuel?


We love matcha.

We love smoothies.

We REALLY love matcha smoothies.



1 banana 

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of spinach

1 tbl of almond butter

1 serving (or 4) of matcha

1 serving of maca

A dash of maple syrup

Handful of ice 


Blend together and enjoy.


Disclaimer: we recommend ceasing matcha intake a few hours prior to bed. Our cutoff time 4:14pm. 4:54 if we are feeling cray-cray. 

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Value > Discount

Jul 24, 2019

Last week’s Wednesday Wisdom we talked about the power of investing in us and not everyone else.

 BUT- the biggest mistake we see?

 Wanting a discounted investment and high end results.

 Whether it’s your relationship, your studies, your career or your workouts- we all know, when we invest a discount rate, we get discount results.

 The same holds true for ourselves.

 If you want to invest a discounted amount of energy, expect a discounted ROI. When you are ready to really make the scary leap and trust yourself enough to invest in YOU, expect a freaking amazing ROI.

 We are talking clarity, confidence and a chaos-free, way of living.

 We are talking diet free, track-free and guilt-free.

 Living life in a way that is exciting and empowering.

 No longer fearing foods, changes in routine or obsessively counting.

 Now that’s VALUE.


 Check out today’s IGTV to hear more.


Peace, Love and Healthy...

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PRESS RELEASE: 8 Years of Treating Symptoms With No Answer, 7 Weeks in MOVE.

Jul 22, 2019

For 8 years this Nurse worked with 4 Doctors with no success and in 7 Weeks finally found control of her health and hormones. 

As a nurse, diligent about her fitness and nutrition, Anna couldn’t understand why her body wasn’t working properly. Her doctor’s couldn’t either.


For over eight years she saw specialist after specialist. Frustrated by the lack of support and the generalized answer including “You are not trying to get pregnant so there is nothing to do now.  When you want to get pregnant, you will probably have to take medication to force your body to ovulate”


Anna knew there was more for her.


Restrictive eating patterns and constant stress led her to develop what was diagnosed as secondary amenorrhea so she was no longer ovulating and her hormones were far from predictable. This was exhausting, overwhelming and scary. 


In just seven weeks with MOVE.with Mooch&Mel, she holistically and...

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Grab Your Tart Cherry.

Jul 22, 2019

Ready to MOVE? 

Get the Vital Fit Nutrition tart cherry ready.  



50 goblet squat 

AMRAP pushups 



20 snatch ea arm 

AMRAP situps 



25 deadlift 

AMRAP KB swings



25 single arm thrusters 

AMRAP supine pullups


You in? 


Tag us, #myMOVE on Fb and Instagram!

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Have a Ball.

Jul 19, 2019

Last week we went LIVE in our facebook group to chat about all things CBD and how we integrate this into our lives. Tonight we’re be flowing and HIIT-ing with Boston’s own, Beam, so we crafted up a treat that incorporates fueling and recovery efficiency.


CBD Balls

2 cups raw and unsalted nuts (we use almonds, cashews and walnuts mixed but any nut will do)
1 cup dates (make sure there is no added sugar to the dates)
1 cup dried blueberries or cherries or peaches (same as dates, no added sugar!)
1 tsp vanilla extract (or vanilla bean seeds)
Zest of 1 lemon, juice of half a lemon
1⁄4 tsp sea salt or himalayan salt
Pure, THC free, CBD oil (optional)


We are pretty pumped to for a night with some of our favorite people, outside in our favorite city. The event is just about full- grab your spot to MOVE. with us. Link Below.


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More You Give.

Jul 17, 2019

Can we agree that the more you put into a relationship, the more you get out of it?

 This can be with work, a significant other, friend, family member.

 When we invest our energy, our investment is matched.

 So why is it so hard to understand that our relationship with ourselves is not any different?

 We get it- society teaches us to invest in everything but ourselves. This way, if we need THEM we keep THEIR (bank) accounts full.

 The truth is- when we learn to invest in us and need OURSELVES, we keep OUR (bank, energy, mood, confidence etc) accounts full.

 It’s time to change our thinking.

 For today’s Words of Wisdom we want to be honest that the bravest and hardest thing we did was embrace the not so popular belief that we need to pour into ourselves before we pour into everyone else.

 And it changed our lives.

 Everyone asks “how we did it.” and there is no secret- but the truth is that it started with US.


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Let's Taco Bout It.

Jul 16, 2019

Let’s Taco-bout it. 

 We are talkin tacos.

 We love em. A LOT.

 So when women interested in the program ask us if they are going to have to give up alcohol, cookies or any of the things, we are super clear we encourage them to integrate whatever their equivalent of tacos is.


 This MOVE.ment isn’t about restriction, being “on” or “off” track or “giving up” things we love.

 It’s a lifestyle. Not a fad.

 If we coached women to give up their favorite things, they are more likely to excessively binge (cue: snap) or to struggle when they are out of the program.

 And having both restricted ourselves too much in the past and counted all the things to get results, we feel pretty darn lucky to have learned to free ourselves from that way of living.

 All by honoring the body.

 And tacos.

 What’s the one “thing” you want to never miss that makes your...

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No Bull About it.

Jul 12, 2019

Our NamaSTRONG event on 7/19/19 with No Bull, Beam CBD and BDYSQD really got us thinkin’...


Work, recover, repeat. Three things we coach our women to consistently do whether physically and/or mentally. We practice what we preach. 


Here are two of our favorite ways to add a little more CBD in our routines. 


Mint Matcha

Pressed Juicery almond milk

Jade Leaf matcha 

Herbal Secret maca root powder

Beam natural mind CBD oil


Make your matcha the MOVE way, pour, stir in some Beam and enjoy!


CBD After Hours

Nourish Your Soul Tropical Cleanser juice

Casamigos tequila

Beam natural flavor CBD oil

Limes...lots and lots of limes


These sound good to you too? Click below for tickets to our event!

No Bull NamaStrong

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