Protein Muffin MOVE.s

May 08, 2019

We confess- we don't do a whole lot of baking because measuring and attention to detail isn't our zone of genius. At all. But we will certainly make an exception for these... anytime. 

We adapted these muffins from a couple of different recipes- one was a dessert we really liked from Chocolate Covered Katie (follow her if you don't!) and the other an energy muffin from Shalene Flanagan (again, follow if you don't!). The goal was to have a performance based muffin that is light enough to have before a workout yet nourishing enough to get through the workout. 
We sampled them in the kitchen all last week. Over and over... just to be safe, for all of you. Then we really put them to the test when Mel headed to Salem, MA for a 20-mile road race. One muffin pre-run and she was good to go! 
These fuse together protein and anti-oxidants from almonds, with the electrolytes, potassium and natural sweetness of bananas, combined...
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5 MOVE.s To Grow Your Online Business

May 07, 2019

Wait? We aren't talkin' matcha?

We've been getting a lot of questions on how to take passions and transform them from a hobby to a business. As we entered our own Q2 with new goals and new MOVE.s ahead, we wanted to share 5 MOVE.s To Bring You Growth.

1- Figure Out where your skillset, passion and ability to serve merge. Don’t force it, don’t fake it and don’t only focus on you. Show up to serve.

 2- Test The Waters. Get a small group to give you feedback. Thought to action to reflection (we see you, Ayurveda). Continue this cycle. There is no finish line to growth.

 3- Invest In yourself. You can’t expect anyone to invest in you if you aren’t invested in yourself. The more value you have to offer, the more you can authentically give. The more you can authentically give, the more you can serve.

 4- Take Messy Action. Perfection Paralysis is real. There will never be a perfect time. No one cares if your webpage colors...

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Guac to make your heart MOVE.

May 05, 2019

Never Miss ATuesday. Taco Tuesday, that is.

We are sharing of our favorite guac recipe inspired by our favorite tacos (s/o Stacey!)

Heart Guac:

4 avocados, smashed.
1 jalapeno diced.
The juice of 1-1.5 limes.
1 full tomato, diced.
1 red onion, diced.
Himalayan sea salt.
Cracked black pepper.
Skip the cilantro- Load up on cayenne pepper.
Chopped seared shrimp.
Diced grilled mushrooms.
Sprinkle of Matcha. Lol. Kidding. Wait, are we?


You probably know we met over (infamous) puke (hey Timmy!), but did you know that we bonded over a shared love for Cinco De Mayo? How are you celebrating the holiday? Our plans are to load up on green drinks than this green dip... and toast to a year of incredible MOVE.s.



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6 Reasons Your Gut, Has Got, Your Next PR

Feb 04, 2019

Gut health is all the talk right now and there’s one major reason I believe that this “trend” is here to stay; it works…..  at the end of the day, we were DESIGNED to digest our food. We were literally made to create humans, we can handle eating. We just need to stop complicating things and then spending our time, money and energy trying to figure out how to uncomplicate it.


Digestion is a huge energy source; what we eat is supposed to give us energy but eating (and digesting) requires energy. Think about it like a bank account, fueling should be a deposit but for many, it acts as a withdrawal. They don’t understand why they are tired, bloated, foggy or not getting results that they are working for.


I have a weird relationship with gut-health as I lost my daughter to a sick gut, at the time not even knowing it was a “thing.” In my healing I began running, honoring a promise I made to her and finding my way on the Boston...

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Our 5 Dining-Out Hacks to Stay Social and Stay Fit

Dec 14, 2018

1) Scope the menu out in advance. Plan accordingly.

If there is something you really want to get that is on the heavier side, choose lighter foods during the day. Consider what alterations you might want to make in advance so you aren’t feeling rushed or anxious asking the wait staff in front of a group. If there is nothing that fits within your diet plan/program suggest another place. If you dinner is for work or a situation where you cannot change the location, eat something within your diet program before you go. Remember, if you CAN’T change the restaurant, this likely means your social situation isn’t about food. It’s about networking, business, or an event. So then don’t make it about food. Eat what you can before and focus on the purpose of the event.


2) Drink a lot of water before you go out to eat.

Many times our bodies think we are hungry, but we are actually thirsty or craving NUTRITION NOT FOOD (Next week, we discuss the way...

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MOVE. Away From The Juice Cleanse

Nov 29, 2018

I loveeee juice. Yesterday I had 48 ounces of cold-pressed greens. My love affair with gut health began with my very first juice cleanse. Since then, studying gut health has been a game-changer and shifted my health, mindset and functioning.


Since I pretty much always have a green drink within reach, I am not surprised when people question my recommendation NOT to juice cleanse.


Let me clarify- it’s not about the juice. It’s about the energy behind the juice. Whether foods, drinks, clothing, social media and just about everything else; I am not concerned with the what, I focus on the why.


WHY are you doing a cleanse?


Most commonly: a quick fix to feel less bloated, to look good in dress/bathing suit or feeling regretful for crap eaten on vacation.


So what does this look like on an energetic scale: fear, shame, guilt, desperation, anxiety. We call these low vibes.


Cleanses are intended to flood it with vitamins and minerals,...

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The Power of Choice

Nov 20, 2018

This week always gets me thinking about gratitude (along with the other millions of americans thanks to media marketing, cheesy #thankFULL puns, and sales at the grocery store). How powerful it is to actually experience thankfulness or, in all honesty, fullness. But, why just this week? We have 365 days we can choose gratitude (to me that’s better than any sweet potato sale at Market Basket) and yet we save all our energy and awareness to acknowledge gratitude face-diving into turkey and a full of stuffing.


I talk about it like it’s simple, but it's far from it and actually a lot of work and sometimes even pain to understand it. Would we understand how to be grateful if we didn’t work at it? Fact of the matter is, it took me a really f*cking long time to get here… and it’s still something I constantly practice. It took a lot of other not-so-comfortable things - pain, uncertainty, sorrow, risk, denial - in order for me to fully embrace...

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4 Cauliflower Gnocchi MOVE.s

Nov 13, 2018

“I set a new PR last night. Two bags.” -Mel
“Ohhhh….. I’ve done that before.” -Mooch

No, it wasn’t some type of weight training bag, or running bag or bag for yoga (is that a thing?).

This new record was….. Cauliflower Gnocchi. If you haven’t caught our latest obsession we talk about quite frequently (and apparently set records with), let us introduce you to possibly the BEST item Trader Joe’s has put into production. Ever.

Cauliflower replaces potato for the lead role of gnocchi in these delicious bundles of joy. Combined with cassava flour, potato starch a little EVOO and salt…. they are a party for both your taste buds and your belly.

Even better news is that not only can you make it in 10 minutes or less, but the possibilities for preparation are endless. Below are four of our favorite gut-healthy combinations- each offering a different variation of gnocchi preparation.

Trader Joe’s… you’ve...

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Cry More. Hurt Less.

Oct 28, 2018

What does everyone have against crying?


As a society, when someone starts to cry, we rush to say “don’t cry, it’s ok.” Why are we stopping them? They are literally just releasing energy and moving it out of their body. I’ve never understood the stigma attached to letting things out or letting things go.  Why do we immediately attach it to weakness or negativity?


Me? I think crying is awesome. I’ve actually scheduled time into my day to bawl (type-A life). When we see children crying and immediately stifle their emotions- we are (unintentionally) emotionally injuring future generations. It’s time to be more aware of our choices and think outside of “what we have always done” or “what was always done to us.” Those phrases are not productive and stunt growth. Think about it, do you only use a landline or dial-up internet because that’s “what was always done” ? I don’t think...

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Self-Care is not Selfish. A Lesson from Leyden.

Oct 03, 2018
Self-care was never really my thing. Validation via approval of others was my move. I eagerly, and at times, desperately, sought to prove my worth by measures of extreme; putting myself out, to do what I thought I was "supposed to do" or taking on tasks, endeavors, relationships or even jobs because it was what I believed I "should do." 
Since I was living out of alignment with my true self, there was this constant weight and disconnect.  Self-sabotage crept in at the most opportune times. And I believed running on empty showed my strength, worth and value. If It wasn't stressed and overwhelmed, I wasn't working hard enough. And self-care, mindfulness and awareness; who actually has time for that? Definitely only people with less on their plate. I had too much to do to make time for that nonsense. 
Leyden changed that.
When pregnant, self-care presented as a necessity for the first time. I had to slow the F down, start eating...
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