MOVE. Approved (or not)

May 17, 2019

Have you seen our #FridayFuel posts on Instagram?

You all know we loveeeeee ourselves some IG!

Well, if you haven't, each week we search for all sorts of meals and snacks proclaiming to be healthy (some specifically claim to be gut health... sigh) and we give it the "yay" or "nay" on the #moveapproved stamp.

Not surprisingly, they generate a TON of questions. So we figured we would share some of the guidelines that go into making the cut.

  • Fat-free, sugar-free, highly processed (cue: gut damaging foods) are a no.
  • No counting, measuring or weighing our food. We are adults.
  • Proper food combining for optimal digestion, major yes.
  • Healing foods are a yes.
  • Prioritizing the nutrition and actual  benefits of food over the wrapper, yup.
  • Fitting 5 different food groups into a cafeteria tray or tupperware…. Heck no.


We’ll be honest, we both struggled with the counting, the pressures, the fat-free (cheese, ice-cream, butter, bread, pretzels and everything else). We...

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Protein Muffin MOVE.s

May 08, 2019

We confess- we don't do a whole lot of baking because measuring and attention to detail isn't our zone of genius. At all. But we will certainly make an exception for these... anytime. 

We adapted these muffins from a couple of different recipes- one was a dessert we really liked from Chocolate Covered Katie (follow her if you don't!) and the other an energy muffin from Shalene Flanagan (again, follow if you don't!). The goal was to have a performance based muffin that is light enough to have before a workout yet nourishing enough to get through the workout. 
We sampled them in the kitchen all last week. Over and over... just to be safe, for all of you. Then we really put them to the test when Mel headed to Salem, MA for a 20-mile road race. One muffin pre-run and she was good to go! 
These fuse together protein and anti-oxidants from almonds, with the electrolytes, potassium and natural sweetness of bananas, combined...
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Mooch's Post A$$kick Go-To Proteins

Jul 26, 2018

Christina Muccio

A lot of you have been asking about proteins, what I drink post workouts, why whey hurts your stomach, what other options there are, what proteins helps build muscle and tone? Been there, so wanted to share a few of my favorites. 

As an athlete, protein was always a crucial part of my training to help recover after heavy lifts or hill workouts but could never find the right protein that didn’t make my stomach feel like I had swallowed knives. Thank goodness for process of elimination, patience and a lot of lactaid, I found dairy was the majority (if not my entire) problem. I’ve been dairy free for almost 10 years now and discovered whey was hurting my stomach no matter how much or how little I added to my smoothies or yogurts. Whey is a milk-based protein that contains all essential amino acids and actually has some pros, but for me the cons trumped any and all pros. In large doses, whey protein can cause upset stomach and cause symptoms such as...

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Let's make some MOVE.s!